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Dodanlı Textile produces 100% cotton drapery, upholstery, children and baby textile products, kitchen textile products, tablecloths and bed room sets.
We have a rightful and important share in Turkish market for Upholstery and children room products. We owe our place in the sector to the work we have shown in our meticulous work, design and color selection, to the respect and understanding we show our clients and to the effort we have spent to please our customers.
Our goal is to win the appreciation of our clients with our distinguished products that feel the touch that comforts the cotton with our high quality and delicately designed designs.

Beside Turkish market, our products displaying on mainly European countries; also we export to Middle East countries and Far East markets. We exhibit our products at international and domestic fairs that we attend every year.


Prizma Textile is the carpet manufacturing company of Dodanlı Textile which is one of the oldest companies of Turkish Home Textile market. Prizma Textile is producing carpets and rugs in their factory in Tuzla / İstanbul , more than 20 years.

Prizma Textile is making antislip, washable rugs which are mostly used for decorative purpose , instead of usual high weighted carpets. Especially with their profession in lamination and coating ; high quality , user friendly rugs are produced in Prizma Textile facilities.

Prizma Textile is giving service to more than 600 sales points inside Turkey ; also to foreign markets such as Eastern / Western Europe, Middle East and USA. Prizma Textile has been one of the leaders of it’s own market by their client – based and professional supply chain services.

Prizma Tekstil has aimed to be innovative in its sector with its research and development branch company Do – Sa Textile and aimed to always offer better to its customers.


Prizma Home is the Online sales store of Prizma Textile and serves for 3 years.

Unlike the problems that can be experienced in online shopping, PrizmaHome, which is always the customer oriented work, has been in the wanted brands of internet shopping with the quality service it gives to its customers.

We deliver factory-guaranteed carpets that can be produced in private sizes to our customers free of charge on the same day. For shopping …

Prizma Tekstil